Business Excellence

Essen Steel is determined to achieve its business goals and in the realization of the company’s overall vision.  With this at hand, we are relentlessly working to excel in our leadership, customer-centric strategy, human resource management, and our overall business operations.

Essen Steel’s quest for business excellence is demonstrated through our carefully developed and strengthened management systems and processes to continually improve our performance and to create value for our stakeholders.

Essen Steel is focused on our goal to provide the best quality of wires and strands to our customers and highest standard of customer service, all while adhering to our commitment towards improving the quality of life of our employees.


Essen Steel is committed to maximize customer satisfaction and strives to achieve the goal of excellence by continues improvement through ongoing development, manufacture, and sale of reliable, safe and cost-effective quality products and services to international standards by using environmentally sustainable technologies for improving levels of efficiency and productivity.


Essen Steel also has a commitment towards improving the quality of life of its employees, both within and outside its plants and offices, through improved work practices and social welfare schemes.

We carefully choose the best suppliers for the supply of RM and process chemicals and tools to achieve and maintain consistent quality.  We ensure that enough spares are maintained to adhere to the stringent delivery norms of customers, even on short notice. ESSEN steel is focused on maintaining 100% delivery adherence in order to assist customers on timely completion of projects.

Health & Safety

It is our policy to operate worldwide in a safe, responsible manner, respecting the health of our employees and customers, and the communities where we operate.  We will comply with all applicable legal and other requirements on health and safety values.


We are committed to a continual review and improvement of our health and safety performance.

All our employees shall understand, promote and assist in the implementation of this policy and its accompanying principles.   This policy is available to public and all interested parties.


We operate worldwide in a safe, responsible manner, respecting the environment in the places we operate. We commit to comply with all applicable legal and other environmental requirements in the places while committing to continually review and improve our performance in protecting our environment.


We support the responsible use of natural resources, energy conservation, waste minimization and pollution prevention.

Essen Steel is also committed to raising the awareness, encouragement of participation and the training of our employees in various environmental issues and its effects and how as a team we can help mitigate and reduce negative impacts of our operation on the environment we live and work in.

Testing Facility

Essen Steel is committed to deliver the highest quality of products. All the testing of our products are conducted by our expert team and 100% done in our world-class in-house testing facility.


Our testing process starts from the incoming rod carefully selected based on our stringent specification.


Essen Steel laboratory houses 500 KN and 50 KN universal testing equipment from Testometric UK, along with Extensometer to check the accuracy of extension levels.