E-Phos Technology

Inline E-Phos System

 This helps reduce our operating costs and increases our productivity considerably at the same time. This state of the technology work more efficient and do not need waste water disposal due to their processes and control technology. In this system process control and the dosage of chemicals is fully automatic.

Wire Drawing Line

E-PHOS Inline System enables us to produce high quality yet cost effective phosphate coated steel wires as this system allows us to process the wires with very short treatment periods, lower consumption of chemicals and lower operating temperature.

Zero Impact on Environment

Green Technology

Essen Steel has invested in the latest technology on galvanizing wires.  The Galva Green Technology is a chemical-free galvanizing technology with zero impact on the environment.

The line operates at a highest DV in the world, enabling Essen Steel to achieve highest productivity performance.  The line conserves energy by reducing the heat input levels to 30%.

Essen Steel places high emphasis in promoting green culture within our team and key stakeholders in our  production process that we have spent significantly on facilities to maintain a minimum impact in the environment,

Safety First

Essen Steel’s commitment to upholding a safe working place for our team is evident in the kind of machines that we invest in.  Our equipments are with the highest safety standards for manufacturing.

Low Relaxation Line

These lines are dedicated to the production and treatment of low relaxation steel rope for prestressed concrete and structural reinforcement.

Aluminium Cladding Line

This production line implements an advanced and reliable hot extrusion process, with a technology advanced and highly automated full line.

Stranding Line

The stranding line pulls the wire off the spools while maintaining a specified rate of wrapping. This rate controls the lay of the strand to comply with the required specifications.